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No one said it would be Easy - and it wasn't

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But life is an adventure and it is what you make of it.  No point sitting down and crying about it, get up and get at it.

We decided early on that we would spend our first Christmas in our new home in Italy.  Nobody prepares you for the horrors and minor hiccups along the way.  Two plane journeys two car journeys and we made it to our destination late on a Monday night.

Were we prepared, I like to think we were.  I booked in two suitcases, which were filled with hot water bottles, a kettle and some food to get us by until the next day.  Never ever assume that it will all go smoothly, the universe is funny like that, it makes you think outside your comfort zone.

We can't fly direct to our nearest airport so we had a stop over in Milan Bergamo.  I think it is safe to say, I know that airport and its surrounds inside out.  But hey its an adventure I keep reminding myself as I plod around the same shops for the 1400th time.

Night time in Abruzzo

We finally made it to our front door, only to discover we had no power, so we berated ourselves that we may have missed an electricity bill, but surely the email said it was paid.  Well there went the plug in heaters and the hot water bottles.  We had the good sense to pack torches so under the not so romantic low light we set about making up beds.

The cold in our house seeped right into our bones, we decided to go to bed fully dressed and to include coats, caps, scarves and two pairs of socks, it was 3am and we badly needed sleep.  We had been on the move for twenty four hours.  Closing my eyes I sighed, what would day two of our epic Christmas adventure be continued.

Castel di Ieri