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Escape to Edinburgh

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When you think of Edinburgh, what do you see in your minds eye?

Harry Potter Fans will have researched every location used in the books.

Instagrammers will have researched all the best photogenic spots.

But what do we really know about all those beautiful buildings.  I have always wanted to travel to this iconic city on the East Coast of Scotland.  So when the opportunity arose I grabbed it with both hands.  My first solo trip and it did not disappoint.  A very safe city, I never felt scared walking the closes or travelling to and from the tram.  A city full of amazing characters, great friendly people and a few famous faces.

Four days gave me plenty of time to tour the sites and immerse myself in building heaven.

Princes Street GardensPrinces Street Gardens.

At the bottom of Edinburgh Castle - this used to be the Nor' Loch and it was where the waste i.e. the toilet waste would flow into this Loch.  Eventually drained the gardens were created.  I wonder is the vibrancy and beauty of these gardens the result of human manure!

Greyfriars was also a location on my list.  Being an animal lover I always had a fascination about the story of Greyfriars Bobby.  He was a wire haired terrier that spent fourteen years of his life guarding the grave of his master.

Greyfriars BobbyA loyal friend Bobby.

Harry Potter fans will have trodden a path through Greyfriars Kirk, a graveyard behind the statue of Bobby.  Where apparently author J.K. Rowling, has said several names on headstones here had subconsciously inspired her writing. 

The wind whipping up the leaves, these gravestones peep eerily from their posts!

Greyfriars Kirkyard Greyfriars Kirk

Under the first blanket of Winter, the softness of Spring, the luminosity of Summer or the vibrancy of Autumn.  I think this city shines no matter what the season.

I have many many more reference photos which I aim to use over the coming months, stay tuned to see!