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Our New Italian Home

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So September came in with loads of excitement and went out so fast I forgot to post my blog oops.  Anyhow we finalized the purchase of our new home in Italy.  Ireland just wasn't going to happen for us, and we can't rent when we are in our seventies.  A girl needs a retirement plan!

The town square in Castle dei Ieri

So in creative writing class I wrote this piece about our new home. (Won't be moving there permanently for another few years yet).

La mia Casa

(My Home)

By Bernice Cooke


A rarity to find a beauty

encased in historical walls

fourteen century skirts

tipping a twenty first century hat to the sky

the newness of those marble steps

replacing the footprints of the past

cracks in plaster interlaced fingers

a silent prayer

to this new familiar.


Flinging open her blue shutters

revealing a glorious bosom of green

when Mother Nature rattles

She rocks gently to the rhythm.


As darkness beckons

slumber carries me

to the symphony of the howling wolves

stirring the night.


Abruzzo at night
Our view from our new home

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