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Cup of water, blank notebook, pencil and eraser, paintbrush and watercolours near by





 How much are commissions? How long do they take? Framed or Unframed? What sizes?  Just a few of the FAQ's I have answered below.

1 .How much are your commissions?

€150 mounted and unframed.


2. What size do you create?

The painting size I create is 12" x 8" and when mounted it is 16" x 12".

If you prefer bigger, please do ask.

4. How long does it take to paint a commission?

Turnaround time for each 12" x 8" commission is a week. Longer if it is a bigger size.

5. How do I order?

Order on my website shop and then email me your photo to

6. Can I get prints off the original art work too?

Yes, I scan all my original art works for prints, please let me know how many you require and I can offer a bulk discount.

7. Is it only buildings you paint?


8. What medium do you use?

All art work I create is in pen and watercolour on Hahnemühle Watercolour paper.

9. Do you charge extra for delivery?

Free postage in Ireland, outside of Ireland standard delivery rates apply.