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Once you get negotiate the challenges - the fun begins - Avventura Italiana parte terza

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A view from the top floor looking onto the Italian Street Below

To feel the heat from the radiators was such a pleasure and to be warm was just the nicest feeling ever.  Determined to rectify the gas for cooking we once again turned to the power of google, our local town's hardware shop was closed for the day - it being Christmas week. So we researched the  next town over to locate a hardware shop that was open in the afternoon.  We were in luck there was one opening up from 4.30pm to 7.30pm.  As the sun dipped behind the mountains we anxiously drove to the next town.  (I say anxiously as I don't know if I will ever get used to driving on the other side of the road).

Explaining in Italian what we needed the shopkeeper was ever so helpful and kind.  Regulator in hand and a sneaky bit of extra shopping (extension leads, high visibility vests, clothes pegs, clothes line)we headed to the supermarket to buy a bottle of gas and fresh produce for dinner.  We were going to have a feast tonight ( I knew there was a reason I married a chef!!)

Seriously though I do my bit too but too many cooks and all that! Another workout of carrying shopping and a gas barrel up fifty steps we were well and truly exhausted.  But the delirious excitement of cooking a dinner from scratch kept our spirts going.  Gas installed, regulator connected ready steady cook!

Our appetites satiated, we took a small passeggiata around the village.  Congratulating ourselves for having survived a full day in our new home.

The grassy steps of Castel di Ieri our home

Plans were made for the next day (we made lists) which was going to involve more driving to our nearest electrical appliances shop.  We may have had a cooker and pantry, but we needed a fridge, microwave, hairdryer, T.V. and a washing machine. Yes I am that person that loves laundry!  The challenge of purchasing appliances in Italian was going to be fun.

Bed early the next morning we awoke refreshed to a fabulously heated house.  The joys of padding around marble floors warm and cozy was next level contentment.  Breakfast over google maps set, a few wrong turns and we made it to the electrical appliance shop.  Shopping list in hand we browsed the aisles adhering to our budget.  Oh we were so lucky the shop assistant spoke a little English but she knew what we wanted with our broken Italian.

Delivery was arranged for the larger appliances the next day, we brought the TV, toaster, and hairdryer with us. Small rental car but determination we made it fit.  Needless to say the hike up 50 steps was torture, I never knew how heavy a TV could be until we had to carry it uphill!  Happy with our days achievements we  couldn't wait to reconfigure one of the rooms to a sitting room.

Sulmona a vibrant town in Italy.

Knowing that we only had five days (I always calculate two days for travel) we were putting undue pressure on ourselves to sort everything including extra furniture.  I exclaimed we were daft, once we had the basic electrical appliances everything else could wait.  We needed a day off from house duty so we planned to use the local bus to take us in and out of town the next day.  God bless the power of the internet!

Plans made we could relax with a glass of wine, feet up and Netflix.

Tomorrow was another day.

Until next time Ciao!