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Pushing a Washing Machine up two Flights of Stairs!

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Castel Di Ieri

Yes, I kid you not.  Last year Christmas time, we had bought a few new appliances for our house in Italy in the local store in Sulmona.  We had them delivered needless to say it was a journey to get them up 50 steps.

At the time we decided to leave the washing machine in the kitchen beside the sink.  Temporarily we had a water from the tap and the hose could just sit in the sink to drain away the water when I had a wash on.  Not ideal but it would do for the few days we were there.

Fast forward to this month when we had three weeks to turn our new house into our new home.  With much back and forth to the Ponte Brico store for DIY equipment we were not having any luck with plumbing the machine downstairs.  My husband suddenly had a brain wave! Why not have it in the bathroom upstairs.  Most Italian homes have their washing machines in the bathroom.  We had a bidet, not going to be used..ever.  So we decided to take it out.

Only problem was how in God's name were we going to get a 40kg washing machine up two flights of stairs.

So between myself and my husband we managed through sheer stubbornness and determination, bending at the knees and the old favorite pivot pivot, (think of the episode of Friends with Ross getting the sofa upstairs) success and shortly afterwards, I had a freshly washed line of clothes out on the balcony.

Nothing is ever easy, but always an adventure!

Clothes drying on my house balcony in Italy