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A day off was exactly what was needed - Avventura Italiana parte quarta

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Bus journey to Sulmona Italy

Early breakfast and we headed down to the piazza in the town and waited for the bus.  Unsure at first as there didn't seem to be anybody around, until it got nearer the time of the arrival.  Tickets cannot be purchased on the bus but at a tobacco shop, which we discovered whilst on the bus - we hastily rectified our mistake in town by purchasing the required tickets.

Lesson learned now we know!.  It was such a pleasure not having to drive - letting someone else do it - in this case the bus driver.  We could relax and take in the beautiful scenery.

On arrival to the town we decided to first do some shopping - we needed some towels and some basis supplies.  Luckily we had a little shopping bag on wheels - so handy especially when climbing 50 steps every day!

Shopping in Sulmona

We even haggled with a shop keeper over prices - and we got plenty for sixty euro.  Afterwards we explored the town, admiring the beautiful buildings, blending in at the coffee shop drinking our espressos and eating our pastries as the locals do, standing up at the counter!.

A beautiful building in Sulmona it was once a monastery

I definitely could get used to this lifestyle.  Christmas shopping complete we headed to the bus stop on onwards home to await the arrival of our appliances delivery due that evening.

Washing machine installed - the pleasure of hanging out a full line of washing on our veranda below was immense - I know its the small things for me.

It was now beginning to feel like home.  But all good things must come to an end and we spent the remaining few days soaking up as much atmosphere as possible, enjoying our hikes and the views.

Back to reality we headed for the airport on St. Stephens day, our first Christmas in our new Italian home was at an end.

Until next time